A picture of a snowy mountain range under a blue sky


Backup and share your pictures on a European platform respectful of your privacy

A screenshot of Flocon showing several albums and groups on the left and holiday photos on the right


Invite your friends or your family to a Flocon group and start gathering all your common memories!

Flocon mobile app listing three groups, eash one with more than 6 numbers, and between 1GB and 60GB of photos

One group for your ski friends, one group for your school, one group for your cousins: create as many groups as you want and keep your memories organised!

Flocon mobile app displaying the pictures on a grid inside an album. Summer holidays in the south of France

Inside a group creates an album for each event you live together. All photos & videos uploaded by your friends inside an album are then automatically sorted by date.

Flocon mobile app main screen of an album. It displays a nice map with dot where the group has pictures. It also show stats about the group.

Not every group member needs to pay for Flocon: only one person needs to have a Flocon subscription. The space can also be shared amongst all paid members.

Built for photographers

Original quality

No compromise should be done when taking about pictures. The original file is always kept, no matter its size of resolution.

All formats, supported

JPEG, HEIC, ProRES, RAW, whatever the format your camera uses, we support it, because we built Flocon with GraphicsMagic, the most versatile images processor.


All our clients support videos, the web version as well as our mobile apps. Like videos, all formats are supported.

No limit. No, really.

We built Flocon from the ground-up to handle a virtually infinite number of photos and videos. It’s ready for anything.

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A clear pricing, that you can adjust at any time.

50 GB
200 GB
500 GB
1 TB
Larger plans, up to infinity, are available at +€10 per month per 500 GB.


Your data is stored in Graveline and processed in Roubaix, north of France. Also, Flocon is a French-based company, and we only work with European companies. No Google, no AWS, no Privacy Shield.

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